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-Lauren H

Alexis booked my trip to Italy for me! It was me, my mom, my 6 year old son and my 18 year old cousin. Everyone had a great time! She was able to tailor the experience to meet the needs of all the different people on our trip. Her approach is highly personalized. She got to know us as a family and suggested experiences that we would specifically enjoy. It was definitely not at all a cookie cutter trip, it was well planned with each of us in mind.. Alexis was able to secure us hotel upgrades and suggested beautiful hotels. She was very responsive and available for all my questions throughout the planning process and when I was on my trip!! And to top it all off, she also has a wonderful app with all our trip details in one place that's easily accessible!  I will definitely use Alexis again in the future!

-Iddo H

Alexis planned a great boys trip for me and a buddy of mine to Mexico. She suggested a great hotel that was perfect for our trip. She booked an amazing, personalized fishing trip and taco tour. Each detail was well thought out. She went above and beyond and was even able to secure the whisky menu from the hotel ahead of time.  Alexis is thoughtful, detail-oriented, and on point. I highly recommend planning your next

trip with Alexis.


Riviera Maya

Lisa Lodon 2.jpeg


-Lisa F.

Our family trip to London was an amazing experience, thanks to Alexis. Not only did we plan a last minute trip, we hoped to do and see as much as we could in a short amount of time - Alexis pulled together an itinerary that exceeded our expectations. We also had our 2 small children with us and Alexis prepared plans that pleased all. We truly got to experience all that makes London so brilliant. Cannot wait to plan our next adventure with Alexis!

-Matt P.

Alexis put together an amazing weeklong trip

for my family in Costa Rica. She suggested and coordinated three hotels, all our transfers,

and recommended a ton of fun activities for

us to do. Thanks to Alexis, we ziplined, hiked

to waterfalls, and got to visit a local family where we made tortillas in their house. Alexis

is extremely responsive, knowledgeable and thoughtful. I highly recommend using her to

plan your next family vacation!

Matt Costa Rica.jpeg

Costa Rica

Lisa R Testimonial.jpeg


-Lisa R.

I booked an Abercrombie & Kent tour through Alexis and on the first night before the tour

even began, I fell and broke my hip. I was

alone and my daughter had to fly into Ireland from California to assist me. Alexis was a tremendous help to us changing flights, booking and rebooking new flights, and making lots of hotel reservations (Ireland's tourist season was in full swing so my daughter could not get more than two or three nights at any of the hotels). She also made a great suggestion that our final hotel be out in the Irish countryside where I could convalesce during my final days before being able to fly home. Thankfully Alexis took on a lot of the logistical burden so we were free to focus on getting me well, not to mention she also helped me file my insurance claim. Thank you Alexis for all of your help and suggestions!

-Jen R.

Alexis helped my friend and I plan a girls trip

to Paris this past Spring. She asked great questions to get to know us and our specific preferences. She is very knowledgeable and on top of things. She helped us find a great hotel, arrange transportation upon arrival, and book hard to get dinner reservations (Septime!!).

She also had our entire trip itinerary loaded

onto an app (AXUS) that was super useful to help you see an overview of each day. We had

a fantastic girls trip!

Jen R Paris.jpg


Ro Denmark (1).jpeg


-Ronit P.

Alexis planned the most fantastic anniversary

trip for my husband and me to Copenhagen.

With a charming boutique hotel as our home base, Alexis sent us off biking to cool sites, restaurants, and boutiques (and pastry shops!) She was knowledgeable about local events in

the city, COVID entry requirements, and helped

us secure drool-worthy reservations at Geranium. Everything was completely seamless, well-paced, and well-thought out by Alexis. And she sent us

to really hip, off-the-beaten-path places. 

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