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Step 1: Let’s get personal.
I’ll ask you a handful of questions about your travel history, and

to get a sense of what kind of trip you’re envisioning. We’ll cover everything from your budget to your trip goals and interests, to the details of your best (and worst!) trips. This will help paint a picture

of who you are and how you like to travel. 

Step 2: Let’s map it out.

Using what I've learned about you from our initial discussion, I’ll create the first blueprint of your trip. This will cover basic details, such as the number of nights you intend to spend in each destination, as well as some initial activity suggestions for each place.

Step 3: Let’s book it. 

Once we agree on the blueprint, I'll work with you on booking flights, accomodations, and tours and experiences. Every step of the way,

I’ll keep you in the loop with details and options so you can be sure your trip is coming to life the way you envisioned. As approvals and confirmations roll in, all the details will be imported into special itinerary software. No more hunting for addresses, digging for confirmation emails or bringing stacks of travel papers with you. Every detail of your trip will be easily accessible via the itinerary

app for a truly seamless experience all in one place.   

Step 4: Let’s perfect it. 

We’ve planned the basics of your trip. Now, let’s really unpack the adventure.

At this stage in the process, we’ll work together to design each day of your trip to be as pre-planned or free spirited as you wish. From gallery tours to scenic hikes to intimate culinary experiences, your unique interests and preferences will shape an itinerary with must-do and must-see moments.


Depending on the day, are you more of a spontaneous doer based on how you’re feeling in the moment? I've got you covered. My deep knowledge of regions across the globe combined with hours of expert research means your trip can include down days with recommended, flexible experiences you can enjoy at your leisure.


Step 5: And, you’re off.

I’ll be monitoring your trip behind the scenes and checking in with you to make sure everything is going smoothly.  If something unexpected pops up, I am here to manage your way through it.

Step 6: Let's download.

Hopefully by this point you've sent me lots of travel pics, but i’d

love to know more!  From trip highlights to feedback on hotels or experiences, I hope you'll share it all with me.



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