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Hi, I’m Alexis Rich Chami. The Founder of Palomar Travel. 


I’m a Southern California native who caught the travel bug at the age of 7 on a flight to San Francisco. And I’ve been chasing adventure ever since. My desire to travel took me out of California and to the University of Texas at Austin for college, where I earned a degree in Foreign Policy with a minor in Spanish. During a 6-month study abroad program in Spain, my love of travel only blossomed further and after graduating, I moved to Buenos Aires where I worked, traveled, and fell in love with my future husband. (Whoever says

Paris is the City of Love has never been to Buenos Aires…) 


From New York City to Mexico. From Israel to Belize. From Hawaii

to Paris. Over the years, I continued to explore the world through self-guided trips, but it wasn’t until I took a getaway planned by a travel agent friend that I realized how expert guidance can profoundly impact the travel experience. After journeying to many more destinations, conducting countless hours of research, and building a network of on-the-ground experts, I founded Palomar Travel in 2019 and am currently living my dream job—connecting with people through a shared love of travel, advocating and educating around traveling with kids, and creating personalized adventures clients of all ages will never forget.

Current home base: Philadelphia. With my husband Juan, and our two daughters, Margot and Paloma.

Favorite trip ever: It’s tough to pick just one, but Thanksgiving 2019 in Paris with my immediate family is top of mind. I’ve been to Paris many times, but experiencing it through my children’s eyes and during the holiday season, made it a whole new adventure!


What traveling taught me about myself: To try anything at least

once and always be open minded.

I never fly without: Excedrin, an oversize cozy scarf (which I use as a blanket or pillow on the plane,) moisturizer and hand sanitizer, my own headphones, and a fully charged kindle or physical book.


Currently dreaming of visiting: Portugal, Slovenia and Puglia, Italy.



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