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Forget everything you know about traditional travel agents. I’m Alexis, the Founder of Palomar Travel. Think of me as your travel companion that’s been around the block—and around the world. I use my expertise to plan personalized travel packages, small group tours, solo excursions, and family trips by getting

to the heart of who you are, and how

you want to see the world.

A network of in-the-know resources.

I tap into my first-hand experiences as well as my rich network of global travel partners to build a trip you’ll never forget. Reviews can be outdated. Recommendations can be sponsored. Suggestions are subjective. I help you cut through the noise of travel guides and tips to deliver the unfiltered truth for a trip you can trust.

Buenos Aires - Mercado_Liniers_SF302.jpg

Buenos Aires





My personal passion? Making it easier for families to see the world together. I believe in creating opportunities for people to immerse their children in different cultures at an early age, and my family travels to Argentina at least once a year so our daughters can live like locals and practice their father’s native language. What experiences are important for your children? Together, we’ll make it happen.

Everything you want. Nothing you don’t. 
Love museums, but hate waiting in lines? Prefer private shuttles over mass transit? Want to take a walking tour, but crave a self-guided option? No problem. I’ll maximize your trip by creating an itinerary that fits your personal travel style. 

Traveling in COVID-19 times
Navigating travel in these times can be overwhelming, but I will help guide you with the most up-to-date information regarding travel restrictions, requirements, and safety information.

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